Bespoke - Waterscape by Superior
Waterscape by Superior is an innovative floating platform system – pontoons, marinas and associated furniture – which provides the market with the first and only significant change in form in this arena for decades.
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Waterscape by Superior detail shot of storage and cleat


Waterscape’s patented design has ensured that it can be customised to suit any user – from large scale corporate through to a residential option. It is as simple as it is versatile.


Waterscape’s flotation system is a fully flexible modular matrix in that it can be configured to any shape or size in 1m ratios. Functionality design has addressed both the end user and the manufacturer/installer – there is ease of shipping, assembly and installation. Design functionality allows for rotomoulded multi compartment buoyancy, post installation buoyancy trimming and subsea anchoring to negate the need for any visual detraction as a result of anchor piles. Furniture, service and accessory options are easily clip on or off, or changed, due to the custom designed waler.
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